KAREN KING and SALMA FOMRADAS are the founders, creators, producers and hosts of their internationally acclaimed teleseminars, which gather thousands of people weekly to engage the world’s most preeminent luminaries, thinkers, scientists, artists and agents of change.

Karen & Salma have created 6 teleseminar series to date, during which they have interviewed 150 thought leaders. They are applauded for their uniqueness, up close and personal interview styles and are recognized for their tireless research in bringing not only world renowned experts to the show but the incredibly gifted undiscovered gems to the forefront too.

“On a personal note… I’ve been watching your emails and the way you’ve conducted this summit, and you’ve really knocked it out of the park. Your website, your writing, the follow up emails. All really wonderful. In a very, very crowded field of teleseminar series, your work has really stood out.”

 ~ Morgana Rae

No matter how discouraged or dissatisfied you may feel…Karen & Salma are here to tell you that you can change your circumstances!

Karen and Salma both have endured hardship and struggle, personally and financially too!  They know firsthand the challenges that so many are going through and endure. They were on the verge of letting go of their own dreams, all the years of “blood , sweat and tears” …poof! So they decided to say “This is our dream … nobody is going to take that away from us and we will never allow another person to destroy our dreams”… all we wanted was to be of service to others and make a difference in the world.

So they did something about it.

Karen & Salma went out and crafted their own teleseminars and informative programs that are presented to you every week so that you can immediately stop spinning and put your Unbounded Potential into action.

They offer you “choices” that their boldly innovative and dazzlingly creative leading edge speakers bring with them .You have the opportunity to experience meditations, attunements,  energy healing, and be provided the necessary tools, strategies and information that you can “take out for a test drive”.  That which you learn and experience will assist you in taking those steps to tap into you own inner power and unleash your innate capacity for greatness … a greatness that knows no boundaries.

Whether you’re still seeking the big purpose for your life or just simply wanting a smoother journey, now….

Karen & Salma, along with their incredible guests, would be honored to show you the way to not only make your every day more meaningful, but to…


Be More!
Love More!
Live More!

Never Settle for Less!


Our Year of the Dragon I and II teleseminars combined Ancient Wisdom with Modern Paradigms, bringing together over 60 leading luminaries in their respective fields. Encompassing over 100 hours of interactive interviews, these global leaders delivered practical, proven and effective strategies to bestow the 5 Blessings of the Year of the Dragon: Harmony, Virtue, Abundance, Fulfillment and Longevity.

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