Healing Is Our Birth Right.

Our amazing guest, Dr. Bradley Nelson, specialist in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology, shares with us how negative emotions get trapped in our bodies, which can cause illness, pain, emotional issues, and so many more problems.

In this spellbinding hour Dr. Nelson passionately spoke about ‘being a messenger only’ and how God guided him when he needed a way to show the world a new spirit. That new spirit came in
the form of “The Emotion Code” which he says could be subtitled “The Secret, Part Two”, because of all the similarities.

His voice was at times breaking with deep passion and emotion as he revealed to us riveting stories of how miracles are taking place right before his eyes and the change manifested can be very dramatic!

Releasing trapped emotions is a simple and effective process, and anyone can do it, not only for themselves but for those they care about… even including pets!

This absolutely brilliant practitioner’s final words were “healing is our birth right” and we all hold this power in our hands.

He also answered some interesting questions – even one about the hidden emotions one listener thinks they have about Elvis dying prematurely. Listen to the interview to hear Dr. Nelson’s

We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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