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Heidi Sawyer

Unbounded Potential...
Go Beyond!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific)

Heidi Sawyer

Heidi Sawyer, BA (Hons.) is a natural intuitive sensitive with a unique understanding of Intuitive Sensitive People, knowing who they are, what affects them in life, and how to engage their incredible skills. These people are especially sensitive to the energy of others, have health niggles different to the average person, yet have an extraordinary skill to 'see around corners'. Heidi helps Intuitive Sensitive People understand their inner-world, she does this using methods to access their sub-conscious for interpretation, healing and transformation. Heidi is a Hay House author, an online trainer, she speaks regularly at Mind & Body conferences, her popular podcasts and on-line programmes are enjoyed by thousands of Intuitive Sensitives worldwide.

intuitive power

"Understanding your intuitive sensitivity IS the process of lantern gathering to guide what otherwise is a dark and scary path". ~ Heidi Sawyer


Heidi’s topic is: Special LIVE Q and A

Have you always known there was something "different" about you? Does the world seem to bombard your sense? Have you intuitively known things that others didn't? As your trying to figure out how you fit into this world... is it causing you to feel worn out, overwhelmed, emotional, stressed? WOULD YOU LIKE SOME GUIDANCE AND HELP? Do want answers to help you understand your inner-world a little better... If so, you need to join us with our special guest Heidi Sawyer for a round of LIVE Q&A.

We invited highly sensitive intuitive Heidi Sawyer back for the Go Beyond Interviews series because her last interview a month ago was SO Profound. Judging by all the comments coming in... it was one of your personal favorites too and one of YOUR most requested to have her back again!

"I too have to say that I think Heidi has been one of the best interviews on your show. As I was listening I could not believe how accurately she described me. It was like listening to someone who knew exactly what I had and was still going through. Amazing....."

"I had no idea that she could take it up to another level! But did she ever!!!"



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