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Elizabeth McCullough

Unbounded Potential...
Go Beyond!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

at 9:00 PM Eastern (6 pm Pacific)

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth is an anthropologist, scientist, and seer. As an intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient perceiver, she is able to see the spiritual world in the tradition of the ancient seers. Furthermore, her connection with inter-dimensional beings such as angels has been extremely interesting and beneficial in her work. Originally a futurist and theoretical anthropologist, she has delved deeply into quantum physics, biology, human anatomy and quantum theories. Her knowledge of the human body has also been supplemented by Chinese medicine, Ayerveda, Yoga, herbalism and folk medicine. She uses this knowledge to further her work and research into the uses of the Ancient Templates.

After receiving mystical training from her teacher Lucia Rene' and the knowledge of Ancient Templates of Wisdom™, she has continued working to bring the Divine Will to our present experiences. Her purpose in this lifetime is to support the prospects of self healing in individuals, helping individuals work for the Divine Will, teaching about the Ancient Templates™ and their uses, and helping disseminate their knowledge for the ultimate goal of creating a new and sacred world built with the intention to live the Divine Will.

The Ancient Templates™ hold great knowledge and wisdom for your benefit and the benefit of all, and she hopes that you will join her on this wonderful journey!

Elizabeth’s topic is: "Freedom from Energetic Bondage: A Look into the Human Body's Full Potential"

The Ancient Templates of Wisdom could be described as energetic data-packets that – when activated - act as an optimizing interface between the human vehicle of experience and Source essence. Essentially they are like an energetic operating manual for the human experience.  How do we bring this software online? What can this software do? We have available to us the greatest databank of wisdom known to man. In fact the Templates were created specifically for the human experience. Isn’t it about time we learned what the human vehicle is really capable of? 

Elizabeth will act as your guide and help you discover:

  • How to perceive your body in order to lead a more effective life.
  • How to understand the Templates and the basics on how they work.
  • How to awaken your full potential for Healing, Communication, Love and other Templates.
  • How to move ahead in a practical and simple way without massive amounts of training and money.

It's time for clarity about why you are really here and how you can reconnect fully to Source once again!

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