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Wednesday, October 30th, 2014

at 9:00 PM Eastern (6:00 PM Pacific)

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Chuck Bergman


Chuck Bergman is a psychic medium that realized his gift of spirit communication at a very early Age. His mother and grandmother were also mediums, but kept it secret. He was a police officer in Salem, Massachusetts for 32 years and during that time he was forced to keep his gift under wraps. Since his retirement, he has gone public and been profiled on the A&E Channel and The Biography Channel. He has helped numerous police departments around the world locate missing personal and solve murder cases. His is the author of two books "The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife" and his autobiography, "The Psychic Cop."



Halloween is upon us and spooky ghost stories abound! While his story is not a Halloween ghost story, it is equally compelling.

Tune-in to learn how a police officer working in Salem Massachusetts -- yes, THATS Salem, Massachusetts, home of the Salem Witch Trials and where the arm patch on the police officers' uniforms is that of a witch riding a broom -- becomes a respected psychic medium by secretly attending meditation and mediumship classes to fully develop his amazing gift recognized at the early age of five. Although the setting of Salem Massachusetts is fitting, premonitions and spirit communication are not subjects one discusses in the world of police work!

With over 25 years working on unsolved police cases around the world, Chuck's abilities are no longer secret. As a psychic medium Chuck Bergman brings comfort to many families by answering questions surrounding questionable deaths or missing persons.

Chuck is here tonight to discuss meditation techniques he developed while attending development classes. He has many stories to share, including animal communication, future predictions and even connecting with coma patients. Now the author of two books about spirit communication, Chuck does demonstrations of spirit communication in front of large groups and has worked with police on national television to close an open murder case.

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