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Glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a language of Light. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. it has been proven many times over that prayer heals. Much of the information for these glyphs was given to me by Source. I was told to write my books by Source. When I asked Source by what name should I call you in the book, I was told "By my name, Source Energy, God, Jehovah, Creator or Christ. It is all the same."

These glyphs are energized by Source and highly evolved spiritual beings during a scared ceremony at a sacred site high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The energy from the glyphs, together with prayers and intentions of the user form a strong bond that enhances the body's ability to resolve inner conflict, release negative patterns, and mend old wounds. Each person is an extension of Source Energy and, therefore, is unlimited. As a part of our Source, there is nothing, nor anyone, who can prevent us from achieving happiness, health and abundance for ourselves

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This is a phenomenal collection of empowered symbols that can: resolve bacterial or viral illness, remove heavy metal and other toxic matter from the body, remove fear, resentment, anger, sadness and more from the cellular memory, rapidly heal damaged tissue and bones, repair damaged nerves, remove blocks to abundance, help remove negative entities, help remove karma and much more. It contains a total of 82 glyphs. It also contains dowsing charts and instructions for using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

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This manual contains glyphs that can: resolve malignancies, restore organs and glands that are diseased, resolve eye diseases, regenerate bone and cartilage loss, remove harmful vaccinations and repair their damage, remove etheric implants, resolve neurological problems, remove stagnant lymph, remove toxic matter from the body including kidney stones and much more. It contains 34 powerful glyphs as well as instructions in using Emotional FreedomTechnique (EFT).

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Jean is graciously offering glyphs from her upcoming new book, Symbols of the Dawn not yet published, that can: eradicate the Cucumber Beetle, Restore Energetic Balance, preserve Hemlocks , Repair and regenerate the Esophagus Heal the Bats, Restore Brain Function, Resolve Light Imbalances, Remove Diabetic Markers Access Eighth Chakra, Eliminate Genetically Modified Plants and much more. It contains 15 brand new powerful glyphs!!


We asked Jean, if there was something special for this 2014 Year of the Horse, and indeed, The Sacred Symbol of Mu was channeled, called MU'S COSMOGONIC DIAGRAM GLYPH – This is a high powered antibiotic glyph capable of resolving serious pathogenic illnesses including AIDS.


What people are saying...

Glyph heals dog:

On Saturday night our little Yorkeepoo, Belle, was sitting on the floor acting very strange. I picked her up and she was drooling excessively, her nose was warm, her eyes were glazed and she was disoriented. Since it was Saturday night we could not take her to the vet. We had just purchased Jean Logan’s book of glyphs a few days earlier and saw it sitting right near by so I (Beverly) cut out three of the Anti-Bacterial/Virus glyphs and following the drawing in the book, put one on her crown chakra, one on the back of her neck and one on the back of her solar plexus. We said the prayer together and affirmed our belief that she would be well. We could hardly hear her breathe and her heart beat felt very faint. I lay down in bed holding her. About 1:30 in the morning she jumped up acting very perky, her nose was cold and her eyes were clear and bright again. The next day she was completely normal. We are so grateful.
-- Franklin, NC.

Infection stopped:

After giving myself a pedicure, I found myself with an infection behind the nail of the large toe on my left foot. The toe was red, swollen and very painful. I wrapped the Anti Bacterial glyph around it and taped it in place before going to bed. The next morning the pain, swelling and redness was completely gone. Two weeks later the skin was peeling off where the infection had been
-- Jeanne

Glyphs help dog’s anxiety:

I know that the energy that creates worlds can also be used for healing with the animal kingdom which is so lovingly part of our universal energy. I have used glyphs on myself and have had amazing, powerful results, so I decided to try them on my parents’ dog, Ginger, who is a rather large mixed breed, but a real wuss during a thunderstorm. She would normally not leave my side during a storm and would tremble even while petting. I used the glyph for fear, taping it to her forehead. Not only did she stop shaking, she went happily around the house, and I actually had forgotten about her until later I noticed the glyph still taped to her forehead! I used another glyph on Ginger when my parents went away for a long weekend. Ginger was beside herself with anguish and was whining profusely. I used the glyph for abandonment just to see if it would quiet her down. She was quiet for the rest of the night, and when I went upstairs where her sleeping area was, she was still sleeping with it next to her. It is so rewarding to see the miracle of healing working so consistently in the animal kingdom and to see the relief of pain that is possible with a little faith and a glyph.
-- David

Power of the Abundance Glyph

When I dowse to see what glyph to use - which is the only way I choose glyphs - and I am told to wear the abundance glyph, marvelous events occur. New clients, new opportunities, and my husband got a raise and his company said that they weren't giving out raises this year again (it has been 3 years since anyone has received a raise.) We live totally in the mindset of abundance so that to my mind isn't an issue for us, but it has really been fun to have these new channels emerge. I have had a very profound "glyph moment" using the cellular repair glyph. I had a clearing of sadness and grief through the use of this glyph. I think that it is through the encoding of healing the affliction, that cleared this for me. I have been carrying this for ten years now, and I know it is gone. Thank you so much!
-- Barbara

I know Personally the Glyphs Really Work!

Jean Logan has probably spent years of research on natural healing powers, because it shows in her book. I know personally the Glyphs really work! Because the use of this book has really helped me and I feel has helped in my healing process! The book is a very fast read, and if you follow the easy instructions, it could help with many ailments. I have personally tried many of the Glyphs and followed the instruction and with time and practice - I have improved from being with stage II cancer to someone who is almost cancer free! Believe in alternate medication and try it. I don't think one person will be disappointed. I am sure it will work for you too! Highly recommend it!
-- Perry E. Foreman

Torn Rotator Cuff Healed

I have been blessed by God after using your healing glyphs for a number of ailments. In particular, I used the Cellular Repair glyph (71) to treat my rotator cuff injury… I injured my rotator cuff while lifting two really heavy boxes of paper at work. After a bit of research, I determined that ligaments and tendons, in general, were related to the root chakra. So, I actually used the Cellular Repair near my root chakra, at the base of my spine. Since the root chakra governs physical energies, and mine were nearing complete depletion from working 12+ hour days - sometimes 6 days a week, I believe that my rotator cuff injury was a warning that I was over-doing it; but it also gave me an opportunity to regain some much-needed balance in my life. In order to recover, I was advised to stay at home and rest, which ended up being about six-weeks; but even after my doctor released me to return to work, I still had pain and I did not have my full range of motion in the affected area. And then it occurred to me, after a particularly dissatisfying physical therapy session in which I performed most of my exercises without any supervision that I should use the Cellular Repair glyph: After treating it overnight, the pain was gone and my full range of motion had returned. It was so miraculous that my physical therapists thought I faked my injury - or so it seemed. And I had no doubt that, by the grace of God, it would heal me My spiritual healer recommended that I use the glyphs to address parasites that she sensed in my brain and other areas. After treating with the Parasites glyph (15) for the prescribed time, the parasites were gone. I have shared my story with a number of others, encouraging them to make a donation and try the healing power for themselves Thank you so very much for all the work that you have done and continue to do.
-- Tifarah Thomas

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