WOW!  Caller testimonials about the results from using Aquaware 4.0 were OFF THE CHART!

P​eople say Aquaware 4.0 is a “Life Saver!”

WOW! Caller testimonials about the results from using

Aquaware 4.0 were off the chart!

Aquaware 4.0 software leverages the awesome Human Power of Intention, Consciousness of Water and Sourxe Energy to enable you with unimaginable capabilities and power!

If you crave some motivation and inspiration for possibilities to dramatically improve your life this year…please listen to this call! In particular the stories about how pet owners saved their ‘dog’s life’ with intentioned Aquaware water will bring you moments of “awe” and “wonderment.” Then the story of working with people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will bring on the tears!

Modern day Mystic & Energy Healer Peter Schenk talks about all the bells and whistles of Aquaware 4.0…that makes it so distinctive and unique. Hope you enjoy it – it’s full of great information and he does two intentions so have your glass of water ready….one for the heart Chakra and Love….and

Dolores – from Ecuador …asked this question:

Is Peter going to charge a glass of water with money abundance on this call? I hope so – the last time he did so, I received $8500 before the night ended! I’d like to do it all over AGAIN!

The answer is Yes!

Peter did an abundance intention for the whole group.

You don’t want to miss that!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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