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Stones and crystals are more than glam and sparkle.
The ancients attributed them with divine energy, spirituality, and healing.
For those who need a little extra oomph in the mystical accessory department!
...forget power dressing, try power gem-ing with Ammolite!

Discover the Opulence of Ammolite mined in Southern Alberta



Ammolite - The Most Influential Gemstone of the Millennium

 Let yourself be carried away by the captivating beauty of the world's most rare and precious gem.  Discover the sleeping beauty of the gem world – Ammolite. It is a beautiful stone that varies in colour from through the spectrum of a rainbow or of the chakras; purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. It is lustrous stone that captures the eye and the soul.

An awe inspiring gemstone with a uniquely beautiful story, Ammolite derives from the shell of the 70-million-year old ammonite.  Ammonite fossils can be found around the world, but only in one small geographical location - Southern Alberta, Canada - has the ancient shell recrystalized to form the world's newest official gemstone.  It is only in this one location where the amazing rainbow of colors can be found.

Ammolite was known as "Iniskim" by the Native societies. It was, and is, honored as a powerful talisman and has its own Traditional Legend. This influential stone is believed to enhance well being and detoxify the body by improving its flow of energy or "chi." Today, Feng Shui masters and those practicing the healing arts speak highly of its extraordinary and unique properties, as it is an excellent tool for grounding and deep meditation. Ammolite is also used mystically for general good health, stamina and high energy.

The Feng Shui experts also strongly believe that this colorful gemstone is a great influential stone and that’s why they call it, “The Most Influential Gemstone of the Millennium”. It is believed that the gemstone provides positive effects on the body of humans. This gemstone is also known as the “7 Color Prosperity Stone” because it is believed to affect the wearer in various positive manners.

Ammolite jewelry looks very rich, colorful and attractive. Its brilliant beauty immediately captivates the attention of anyone.

Ammolite is celebrated globally for its naturally captivating rainbow colors and layers of vibrant iridescence. The gemstone is formed from prehistoric marine fossils that date back 71-million years and received official gem status in 1981 by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). Experts believe its colorful display awakens positive energy and stimulates creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. Wearers and collectors call ammolite’s "gems of enlightenment." 

What makes it so important and a must have for anyone?

As per crystal guru Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible, The Encyclopedia of Crystals) this is one of the most effective wealth and protection stones. Wealth can also be interpreted as abundance. It’s a really wonderful all-around crystal.

Ammolite has seven colors: intense crimson (red represents growth and energy), fiery orange (represents creativity–and increased libido!), golden amber (yellow or gold represents wealth), vivid green (for wisdom, intellect entrepreneurship) and azure (blue represents peace and health) as well as jade and mauve…which just add on to the green and red properties.

The power of gemstones is that they are a constant force. They consistently transmit a particular vibration, message, quality and they are unwavering in their persistence. It is for this reason that they can bring about changes by aligning you to a higher vibration that will help you move beyond your current feelings, beliefs and patterns.

Simone M. Matthews

Founder - Universal Life Tools, Metaphysical Teacher, Spiritual Messenger, Bestselling Author  

In nature, the Ammolite shell forms a spiral referred to as the ‘golden mean spiral’ which is a mathematical representation of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. This mathematical sequence is the foundation upon which nature continually expands and evolves. In the human body, our DNA twists, our chakras energetically turn and the proportion of our body parts in relationship to each other are all made manifest according to this magical number sequence. Plants grow, flowers bloom and our spiral galaxy turns in relationship to the spiral. This sacred spiral is so deeply engrained in our world that it forms the basis of architecture, music, economics and the aesthetics of art. Thus Ammolite, as a direct conduit of the energetics of golden mean spiral, is a sacred gemstone which we can work with for our own personal awakening and for the evolutionary consciousness of the planet. This crystal awakens our awareness of the evolutionary shift in consciousness that is happening around the world as we come to the end of many cycles of creation

Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that we can work with in order to be conscious and active leaders of this evolutionary shift. Ammolite assists us in anchoring our energy field into the electromagnetic field of mother Earth, and into her crystalline core to assist us in fully awakening our DNA.  As our ‘junk DNA’ becomes active, we have the potential to grow as a human species in LOVE, consciously Living the One Vibrational Energy that gives rise to all of creation.  As we grow in LOVE we honour our diversity, and come together in unity and enduring peace.

Traditionally, Ammolite is placed over the Light Activation Point (the energy centre just above the third-eye) or worn as a pendant over the higher-heart, to support its greatest potential of weaving the threads of awakened wisdom through every level of being. Within our holographic universe each of us are fractals of the whole, thus as we individually embrace our highest potential, we are the highest frequencies of light, love and illumination for all of creation to do the same.

Edward Li Kui Ming

Feng Shui master

“Ammonite may enhance the flow of Qi or life force energy throughout the body and may reduce the body’s toxicity.  A continuous harmonious balance of nature’s five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) is evident within the naturally occurring vibrating colours embodied by the ammonite.  This rainbow of energy may benefit people who place or locate the stone within a home or office environment, especially when they are placed upon the heart of the home or business.  Strength and power radiate from the shell. It is believed by some that the shell has the ability to transpose negative energy into positive.”

Dr. Jes T.Y.

Feng Shui Grand-Master

Ammonites have been around and have been buried for millions of years. From this burial, Ammonite are believed to have absorbed the Earth energy and knowledge known as Qi or "Chi". The spiritual coil (observed in the center of the Ammonite fossil) allows for a constant movement and outpouring to that Qi to occur especially when displayed appropriately. Ammonites are then often known to bring stability to the wearer and the surrounding environment. When you combine color with this already Feng Shui rich fossil, gem grade Ammonites become an even more exceptionally powerful Qi source.

Each piece of Ammolite is said to have its own fingerprint.  This is because the gemstone comes from the shell of a creature - a prehistoric squid that went extinct approximately 70 million years ago.  Thus, each purchase is considered to be unique and very special.  When you buy an Ammolite fossil or jewelry item you will be guaranteed to get a part of nature's creation - difficult to duplicate or replicate.


Diane Stein 

Energy worker and Reiki Master

In her book, Healing with Gemstones and Crystals, Stein makes the following observation:   The little crystals and colored gemstones in our pockets and jewelry do more for us than we know, and their energy is increasing in usefulness as time goes on…. We are becoming much more than people can ever remember being before; we are becoming the Be-ings of Light, energy, and information, what was our original heritage.  Human twelve-strand DNA contains the genetic keys of all life in the universe…[which is a] Living Library.  That library is being repaired, healed, and reactivated, and returned to us primarily by way of gemstones and crystals. 

Judy Hall

Mind body spirit author with over 40 books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes1, 2, 3), astrologer, psychic healer, counsellor

A powerful earth healing stone, Ammolite contains the wisdom of the ancients and was worn on the forehead for consciousness activation, metaphysical powers and interdimensional exploration. It is particularly effective when placed on the soma chakra. Representing coming full circle, Ammolite takes you into your centre and into completion. Activating your own personal empowerment, it converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral. Ammolite relieves birth trauma affecting the cranio-sacral flow and is helpful in all cranio-sacral work. A powerful karmic cleanser, it releases mental obsessions. Ammolite is said to radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck and prosperity  

Cheryl Camillo

Natural intuitive energy healer and psychic

A powerful earth healing stone, Ammolite contains the wisdom of the ancients and was worn on the Ammolite is a beautiful stone that varies in colour from through the spectrum of a rainbow or of the chakras; purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. It is lustrous stone that captures the eye and the soul.

As a tool for physical healing, Ammolite helps to remove toxins and unhealthy energy from the body. Being an ancient sea creature, Ammolite can begin to bring the body back into balance. Ammolite had traditionally been used for protection by the Blackfoot Indians of southern Alberta. Ammolite is also used by Feng Shui experts to promote wealth and financial security as it is. Since Ammolite is an ancient fossil it is believed to have inherited the knowledge of the universe and can restore harmony and well being to individuals, families and any who visitor the home. Ammolite also has the ability to remind us to breathe as it mirrors the circulatory system. It can also increase in physical stamina and energy levels. Spiritually, Ammolite can connect the past and present into useful information. It allows the user to see the big picture. Ammolite also allows the user to connect to positive Earth energy and can bring a sense of relaxation and ease to the mind.

Becky Thorne

When I look at Ammolite stones, I can’t help but smile. The colors are just amazing and breath taking.  

I feel safe in calling Ammolite the true "Christmas Stone".  It isn't that Ammolite has any history that ties it to Christmas....it's just that it has those deep and brilliant Christmas colors!  Deep Jade Green, Candy Apple Red, Golden Yellow, and Bright Orange.  (Indigo Blue and Royal Purple are seen as well - but these are fairly rare.)  And as has been explained before, when you tip and tilt the Ammolite, it is common for the color to chromatically shift from red to green, from green to yellow, and yellow to orange.  It's almost like watching a fire or candle flame as the various colors ignite and dance across the face of the stone.  The brilliant glow seeming to come from deep within the stone and projecting outward beyond the crystal boundaries.  I can't wear my rings, earrings, or pendants without having several people a day ask me what kind of stone it is and where I bought.

Karen and Salma living in Southern Alberta, Canada have locally
sourced these incredible gems just for you.
Purchase your very own Ammolite Power Pendant today,
while supplies last!

Pure Passion

 ID 19461359

30mm x 13mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297


 ID 19461365

43mm x 14mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Sunset Stone

 ID 19461369

30mm x 24mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

A New Dawn

 ID 19461371

37mm x 15mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Garden Lights

 ID 19461373

39mm x 30mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Wildflower Stone

 ID 19461375

33mm x 22mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

La Cloche

 ID 19461376

29mm x 21mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Soul Spectrum

 ID 19461386

38mm x 12mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

By the Sea

 ID 19461388

33mm x 21mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Autumn Glory

 ID 19461390

32mm x 26mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297


 ID 19461392

37mm x 10mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Nature’s Artistry

 ID 19461395

22mm x 29mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297


 ID 19461408

37mm x 27mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Blue Lagoon

 ID 19461413

41mm x 20mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

The Calm

 ID 19461416

30mm x 20mm w/Silver Bail

Yours for only $297

Many Paths

 ID 19468028

38.1mm l x 25.4mm w
Intricate Sterling Silver Wire Wrap

Yours for only $297


 ID 19468029

*31.75mm l x 12.7mm w
Sterling Silver *overall length

Yours for only $224

Morning Glory

 ID 19468030

*31.75mm l x 12.7mm w
Sterling Silver *overall length

Yours for only $224


 ID 19468031

31.75mm l x 25.4mm w
Sterling Silver Wire Rim

Yours for only $197

Bright Spot

 ID 19468032

31.75mm l x 19.05mm w
Sterling Silver Wire Rim

Yours for only $197

Inner Joy

 ID 19468034

25.4mm l x 19.05mm w
Sterling Silver Wire Rim

Yours for only $170

Forest Walk

 ID 19468035

31mm l x 16.9mm w
Sterling Silver Wire Rim

Yours for only $170

Shipping and Handling will be added at checkout

Please note:

We do our best to represent our gemstones accurately. Sometimes due to the camera used in the photography, photo enlargement or settings of computer monitors there are possible slight variations in the color.... but these pictures are the closest thing to showing the incredible beauty of thesedistinctive gemstones. As you view these pictures .... if one reaches out to you and you see/feel the effects of the iridescent colors ...then this is the stone for you!

Refund Policy:   

These are again, one-of-a-kind pieces and at these special prices, there can be no refunds. International customers please be aware of your countries import duties and fees before purchasing. Taxes, duties and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Due to this, please note that all pendants, regardless of price paid will be declared at a lower amount on customs documents.

Hi Karen and Salma,

  With eagerness I have been waiting for my ammolite pendant, till it arrived three days ago.I like your choice, it is very beautiful and shining with the orange green and blue colours in it!   While wearing the pendant all day and night much sorrow and pain has left me, and this process is still continuing. Old grief is being replaced by love and peace.   To my own surprise I found out that I wanted to buy a second ammolite, the Big Kahuna ass you call it. I know this one is going to assist me in healing work for fellow humans and it will make them very happy. The cosmos is treating us with abundance!  

Thank you both for making this available!  
Much love and blessings,

Hello Beautifuls,

I have just unwrapped my much-anticipated Ammolite pendant. From the moment I placed the order, I perceived the choosing process underway. I am not a fan of greens. However I was prepared to embrace something different,(expecting green colours) and was excited about that. It is interesting-trusting the Universe to deliver you that which you do not even know you desire. If I was in a shop, picking a piece of jewellery, it would probably be within the general parameters of that which I have always chosen-soft pinks, pastels. This piece that has chosen me is fiery red.I am in awe  of it.Can't wait find a chain and receive its energy on my body.

Thank you both for making Ammolite available to me, and all those who are playing with beautiful Earth Energies.
Hugs,  Judi

FYI !!!!!    THANK YOU !!!    

My life completely changed this AM!!! I bought an Ammolite pendant  from Karen and Selma and it came yesterday. It's from fossils 75,000,000 years old.  It holds ancient memories and wisdom and assists with ascension, You activate it to your energy. I wore it over night and  early this AM I went back to my birth and then when I was 21/2... St G never really left me just physically. Then back to before birth. We looked forward to this life!! Then back to bringing in the Dark, free choice and we did it knowingly and joyously together.   Ditto when we left source. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING for me.
Now at 9AM I install it for us and the world!!!  
LOVE and LIGHT to you, Joy and  MY Beloveds

 PS ST G is Saint Germain, my Main Squeeze, My Twin Flame. My pendant is a triangle with a brown background and I love it. Today everyone I ran into mentioned how beautiful it is.
Blessings, Joy    

Power of Ammolite EBOOK

These ammolite’s are an amazing display of the magic of Mother Nature. A work of art made by Mother Gaia herself. Due to the fact that Ammonite/Ammolite’s were once living beings, they are connected to Akasha, the fifth element.  These are tangible proof that in nature nothing is wasted; it shows how only manifestations of energy may be transmutable, but energy itself cannot be destroyed.

Ammolite’s are found in Southern Alberta...the area where we live! It is said that these “stones” radiate positive Earth Energy, bringing luck as well as prosperity in all things. Read about why the Blackfeet tribe called this stone Buffalo Stone and why it is also thought by them to have healing powers.


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