Season 8 – GO

Ginger Metraux

Living Life as a Divine Being

Tuesday, September 24th at 9:00 PM Eastern

Ginger Metraux
Your Destiny is to return Home to Divine Union, and as you stretch towards living this Destiny while still living in the material world, you create an awesomely wonderful, blissful life, being who you are. The Universe totally supports you in this, so you manifest the highest realities for yourself, in alignment with your Soul and Spirit. During this call, Ginger will:
  • Detail Your Path of Greatest and Easiest Happiness in this world and beyond.
  • Share Quick ways to step into your Power, Mission, and Dream Life.
  • Reveal Who You Truly Are and how to allow the Universe to support YOU being YOU .
  • Explain How to Claim Your Conscious, Multidimensional Self and the Healing of Your Life.
  • Give you “insider” tips on Soul Retrieval, experiencing the Divine Presence, and receiving the Love of God and Goddess.


Ginger Metraux, PhD, is a channel, energetic healer, medical intuitive, astrologer, spiritual counselor, author, psychic… She is best known for her ability to channel GALEXIS, a group of non-physical Light-Beings that bring greater spiritual perspective and amazingly practical insights on living your mundane life more consciously as the divine being you are. Galexis speaks with compassion and unconditional love, as they touch your spirit and offer the magical support you need to shift into your empowered, free, and loved self NOW.

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