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Egyptian Postures of Power Book and DVD

Level 1 Book and DVD (Value $30.00)

Egyptian Postures of Power is an ancient system of personal energy healing techniques that were used by the pharaohs and high priests to maintain optimal health and vitality. These postures have been used for thousands of years to cleanse, balance, and align our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the natural life giving forces of the universe.

The Egyptian Postures within this manual illustrate various different postures and movements that will stimulate and activate our energetic systems, opens and clears our channels, meridians, and charkas; It assists us in gathering, building, and strengthening our polarities and energetic bodies, and connects us to our upper, lower, inner, and outer worlds. By doing these movements we are consciously strengthening, refining, and transforming our energies, which will enhance and bring harmony into our daily lives

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Salute to the Moon Book and DVD

Level 2 Book and DVD (Value $30.00)
    Content covered:
  • 1. Introduction - The Salute To The Sun
  • 3.The Weighing Of The Heart
  • 4.The History Of The Egyptian Postures
  • 5.The Salute To The Moon
  • 6.The Sun & Moon
  • 8.Foot Posture Review
  • 10.Connecting The Earth & Heart
  • 11.Saluting The Heavens
  • 12.Salute To The Moon
  • 15.Flight Of The Phoenix
  • 17.The Hall Of Records
  • 19.Horns Of The Gods
  • 21.Highway Of The Gods
  • 24.Hands Of Transparency
  • 26.The Diamond Zone
  • 27.The Cup Of Isis
  • 28.The Wings Of Ra
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Yosef Codes Sacred Geometry Book

(Value $24.00)

The Yosef Codes "sacred geometry codes of healing" uses sacred geometric mandalas of consciousness that vibrates in resonance with universal systems of healing. They can be used in meditation, healing practices, reiki, dowsing, and radionics.

These codes represent the micro level, like one cell which extends and connects to a vast body of consciousness beyond time and space.

The energies of these codes have the ability to change the atmosphere where they are and affect anything around them by the laws of their vibrational nature.

Item 1

Copper and Zinc Bracelet

(Value $30.00)
Item 1

EMF Sacred Geometry Sticker

(Value $10.00)

Sacred Geometry Codes For Protection Against Electro- Magnetic Frequencies. Place on Cellphones, Computers, Electronics, Power Boxes or any area with high amounts of Electro-Magnetic Pollution.

Best used in combination with Shungite Cellphone Protection Plate or Pyramid.


(Value $14.00)
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(Value $20.00)

Sacred Geometry Codes For Transforming the Energies of our Food & Water. Place on Water Bottles, Plates, Microwaves, Refrigerators, etc.

Can also be placed in pocket while drinking or eating.

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(Value $20.00)

Opens the heart centre and provides protection during astral projections, energy work, and everyday activities.

When worn, it assists in cleansing the body of parasites & infections.

Protects wearer against entities and negative energies. Beneficial for house clearing.

Energetically enhances and purifies food and water.

Removes toxins from the environment (when hung in a garden, it can dispel unbalanced energies, encouraging nature spirits and birds.)

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(Value $20.00)

The Star Activation Pendant connects, aligns and balances all chakra centres. This assists the wearer of this pendant to connect with their higher spiritual vibration so they may easily align themselves with the universal life forces.

Grounds and gives energy that is beneficial for enhancing the circulation of chi throughout the body.

Can be use as a mandala of healing and expansion of consciousness. Helps with allergies and restriction of breathing.

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(Value $30.00)

Palo Santo The essential oil is steam distilled from the aromatic Palo Santo tree in Equador. It is closely related to frankincense and comes from the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as frankincense, although it is found in South America rather than the Middle East. It's botanical name is bursera graveolens.

Like frankincense, Palo Santo is known as a spiritual essential oil. In Spanish, the name Palo Santo means "holy wood," indicating how highly this oil is regarded. It has been traditionally used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies.

Palo Santo holds a significant place in the shamanic practices of the region. It is thought that the wood does not attain full esoteric potential until it has died and aged several years—it is from wood of this condition that this oil has been distilled. The oil may aid in meditative practices and work in concert with the pineal gland, or "third eye".


Palo santo is an oil of many uses. Besides its spiritual uses, it has traditionally been used in South America as an antiseptic, to help with healing wounds, sprains and other injuries, clear negative energy and bring good fortune. According to medical aromatherapy the oil can be used as: an anxiolytic agent that counteracts panic attacks and anxiety for respiratory problems such as cough, colds, and asthma for headaches and migraines in massage therapy for pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints

Analysis show that Palo Santo oil contains high levels of limonene, a monoterpene compound that has been found to have chemo-preventive and chemo-therapeutic effects against several types of cancer. It is also rich in sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and alpha-pinene.

Palo Santo oil is a very powerful antioxidant because of its high d-limonene content. Palo Santo oil contains 75-76% d-limonene which is almost unheard of in tree oil

Like many resinous wood oils, Palo Santo oil has many applications. Wear a drop on the wrists or diffuse in small amounts for aromatic and energetic uses. Palo Santo is beneficial for the skin, particularly in healing, cleansing and anti-aging formulas. It can also be used in recipes for arthritis and joint care. It is also used for care of respiratory ailments and immune system support.

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