You Have More Power Than You’ve Been Told You Have – Claiming the Strength of YOUR Wisdom

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Clients who have the greatest success in working with the Medical Intuitive team of Susan Perkins and David Mackenzie are willing to look at their lives through a new lens. That means considering what’s taking place at all the levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, or relational. This illuminates the information and insight needed to accelerate their healing process.

As a Medical Intuitive, David Mackenzie is highly skilled at focusing his intuitive instincts to scan the energetic frequency data within and surrounding you and your body, something like a human version of an MRI (the medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structures).

The resulting information– enables him & Susan to provide verbal and written feedback to you in the form of a wisdom RX prescription just for you!

In some cases, the deep nature of David’s Medical Intuitive work enables him to detect conditions well before they fully manifest in your physical body. In such cases, collaborative preventative work can be undertaken to heal “patterns” before they crystallize into tangible problems.

Sometimes David & Susan are consulted as a “last resort” by those suffering from conditions that have not responded to traditional treatments. They will trace back from the presenting symptoms to discover originating causes. From this exploration, an entirely unique healing protocol will be formulated for YOU.

In our interview today we will learn collectively to trust and rest safely in the rich mystery and wisdom that we truly are. It is bigger than what we’ve learned to think, vaster than our conditioned ways of perceiving and alive in glorious ways that want us to thrive not just survive.

  • Radicalize your Perception

The way we perceive is learned. Habits of perception are designed to “gate” or narrow the way we see and feel our lives. Even alternative or new age perceptions limit what we can see as possible.

  • How to Make Space for Uncertainty

Making space for and friends with uncertainty is the basis of how healing, true transformation, occurs.

  • The Necessity of Making Friends with Death

Death is a natural part of life and when we do things to deny that ultimate truth of being incarnate, having a body, we create inner turbulence that results in foggy thinking and a polluted wellness agenda.

  • Awareness is Curative

Once we become aware, conscious of, what has been an otherwise invisible belief system, it can no longer run us in the same old way and the beginnings of curing or healing occur.

  • Healing Must Become Self Defined-

We’ve discovered that for real healing to take place any old definition or expectation of what healing is needs to be erased so that a more vital living version can occur.

What you’ll get-

You’ll become aware of and gain clear insight into the ways you are conditioned to think yourself into smallness. Your journey as an evolutionary soul will be strengthened by allowing yourself o be informed in new and radical ways by allowing your own sacred wisdom to be activated by the spirit of life itself.

David MacKenzie and Susan Perkins

Are a medical Intuitive team who serve as health advocates assisting people in claiming their own intuitive knowing, wisdom and sacred guidance. They bring their hearts, discipline and love into focus to serve their clients. They draw from their personal experiences of the sacred and surprising and mysterious that bodies can do to change the course of life. Their lives have taught them about the miraculous.

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