Karen & Salma

The Empowerment Specialists and ‘Real Change’ Business Consultants


Karen King and Salma Fomradas are most proudly the founders and owners of Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group. Under this umbrella company, founded, produced and co-hosted the Inner Healing Compass and more recently, Go Beyond Interviews and Teleseminars, developed the subsidiary Global Promotions and are co-authors of the COMPASSION FACTOR! Their trademarked Go Beyond Interview series —has taught thousands how to overcome adversities and to find more success in work and life.

Karen and Salma are passionate about inspiring people from all walks of life to live out their full potential. They are known as real change business consultants and personal development empowerment specialists. Their strong 30 year business acumen, integrity and warm personalities build immediate trust with their clients, and empower them to never settle for less in their personal or business life.


Burning Desire for Success?

Karen & Salma empower you to design your best life and live your dream!

Whether conducting interviews, doing workshops or business consultations, they infuse humour and heart with practical, relevant and do-able content that enable participants/audience members to leave with strategies they can use immediately to improve the course of their lives, personally and professionally. Laughing, crying and regular ‘aha’ moments are all part of the Karen & Salma package-no extra charge!

Karen & Salma’s mission, simply put, is to empower “millions of people” through the discovery of self awareness and strategies along with creating a path to financial freedom through EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP, which will be the key ingredients to taking control of their destiny, transforming their mindset and constructing a life that is full with health, wealth and wisdom.

Our vision is: To help to create a world that functions better because people are empowered, responsible for their own destinies and leading authentic inspired lives. We believe that in motivating, inspiring and teaching others about empowerment, authentic purpose-driven living and honest, ethical communications, we can help others manifest successful professional and personal lives.

5 Facts about Karen & Salma
  • Life Purpose: to live consciously in a life centered around the pinnacles of love, peace, gratitude, compassion and excellence, and to be the light that helps others do the same.

  • Core Values: Family, Compassion, Excellence, Personal/Business Growth.

  • Mantra : when we recognize, reinspire, reengage and reconnectwith our own core values that is where you will find us at our personal best.

  • Our Super Powers: We are Leos….hear us roar!  Multi-tasking and working 24 hrs straight without stopping….even when the computers aren’t working…. HAHAHA.

  •  Our Weakness(es): Coffee …not just in the morning it could be latte’s, cappucino’s or mochachinos.

    ​​Then there is decadent dark chocolate, our dogs, books…books and more books, music , talking….sometimes too much, but hey that’s part of our job description!

    Being outside in nature (give us a sunny warm day and you won’t find us in the office)

    Striving for perfection( is that really a weakness?)…to name but a few…because we are, after all human…just like you 😉 

    Oh….there’s another one….Karen likes words that rhyme.

    Although not quite pitch perfect, Salma likes to sing “Girls just want to have fun.”

    ​​We have intended on planning a Rhine River Wine Cruise with all of our peeps for a very long time….gotta stop procrastinating, right? Would you like to come?

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