Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative andoften humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT). Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish” the co-author of the best-seller”Freedom at Your Fingertips” and a featured expert in the film” The Tapping Solution.”

Call #1

You are Worthy and Deserving!

EFT Wizard, Brad Yates explains EFT as emotional acupuncture without the needles. Tapping is used to relieve uncomfortable feelings we all have. We are all worthy and deserving of abundance … we just need to release what gets in the way. Brad taps along with our listeners on the belief we have of self love and being worthy and provides set up phrases for guilt around debt, how to set up boundaries and stand up for yourself. You can clear out the doubt and create the changes in your life.

Call #2

Uplifted Beyond Belief: Tapping Away What Brings You Down

Join us and you will discover:

  • Identifying what brings you/holds you down
  • The simple tool for letting that stuff go from the past and if and when it comes up in the present
  • How to Acknowledge our true uplifted self

And much, much more…

Call #3

Brad Yates is known as “The EFT Wizard” and he showcased that ability so remarkably on this interview.

He not only shared his extensive experience on the philosophies and methods of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) but demonstrated it for us right on the show.

Brad guided us through his powerful Awakening the Dragon process and we all went right there… into the moment, and uncovered our own Dragon power. It was so cool.

YOU WILL not believe how simple it is!

He walked us through some of the limiting programming that stops us from recognizing our own magnificence, and left us with this final reminder that….



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