Donna Gates is a best-selling author, nutritional consultant and coach. She created the Body Ecology Way of Life. Her system focuses on weight loss, anti-aging and building the immune system.

Donna Gates has helped thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune system  disorders. Her book, “The Body Ecology Diet”, was written after years of research to find a cure for her own candida-related health problems. Frustrated with conventional medicine, Donna began in-depth studies and worldwide travels to find the best healing systems.

She studied many different healing concepts, including ancient Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, natural hygiene, raw foods and mega-supplement therapy.

Incorporating the most beneficial components of each concept into her own system of health and healing, her success inspired her to share it with others.

In this interview YOU will learn how to use Body Ecology’s 7 healing principles, along with specific food and detoxification practices to lose weight, boost your energy, improve your overall health and calm your mind.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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