Our special guest tonight says “Go ahead, don’t be shy”. Declare what you envision for your life experience using clear and powerful “I AM” statements, and prepare for some wonderful, dramatic changes.”

Harrison Klein is one of the world’s leading visionaries and pioneers in the human potential movement. He has directly helped guide and teach thousands from every corner of the globe into a new light and understanding of their spiritualand material potential.

Only through his own experiences of pain, depression, spiritual confusion and even being diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder, did he come to the discovery of real and practical tools to elevate him. Today he will share these same tools with you.

​​Is there a perfect universal system that allows us to create anything we wish to experience? 

Does it start with a decision of what we truly desire in our life, and then declaring it with two simple words: “I AM.”

Tonight’s luminary guest Harrison Klein says “yes” …. because by saying these simple words we make a declaration to ourselves and to the universe about our state of “being” in a unified field.

Harrison shared the story of his own unexpected and sudden awakening through a “white light experience” which transformed his life in mere moments from 30 years of darkness and depression to light, power, music, patterns and joy. He also shared deep and fascinating insights about exactly how each and every one of us can tap into our own innate ability to reclaim our “unbounded potential.”

If you want powerful and easy tools that you can use right now that will shift your vibration and your life….then this is the call to listen to!

WOW! WOW! Harrison Klein was amazing!

He provided almost 2 Hours of nonstop, life-changing inspirational magic.

​We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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