Sex, Red Wine and Raw Dark Chocolate and Why It’s All Good for You!

Below is just a small sampling of what JJ Virgin talked about with Karen & Salma

  • If you want to get fit, it’s not just one thing. You really have to take a completely integrated approach because your body is not a bank account, it’s a chemistry lab and it’s a history book and it’s a party!

  • The benefits of raw dark chocolate, glass of red wine and sex with a partner.

  • Managing stress and getting seven to nine hours of high-quality sleep every night, which has been proven to aid in weight loss.

  • Trademarked 4×4 Workout, an intense resistance-training program that splits the body into four areas: upper body pulling, upper body pushing, hips and thighs, and power core. (Her 4×4 Workout is free for all listeners)

  • “Intensity rules,” she adds. “Exercise is only exercise if you’re getting hot and sweaty and it hurts.”

  • She shares her Green Smoothie recipe and talks about the benefits of coconut

  • How genetic tools are now at the forefront of weight loss issues

  • Which sweeteners are okay and which you want to avoid at all costs (you’re going to be surprised at some of these)

  • Listen in as she shares so much more

JJ appeared for two years as the nutrition expert on the top-rated Dr. Phil Show, and made appearances on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, NBC’s iVillage Live, and the E! channel’s Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. She’s authored numerous articles and has been featured on nationally syndicated radio shows, at international conferences and in popular magazines including US and SHAPE, and appears regularly on popular websites and in newspapers. JJ has led national health campaigns and also trains other health care professionals and speaks to doctors about weight loss, fitness, nutrition and related health issues

She has worked with performance athletes, CEO’s, and A-list celebrities from around the world, including Gene Simmons, Ben Stiller, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tracie Thoms, Janeane Garofalo, Joshua Rexford, Stephen Bishop, Benny Mardones, and Superman Returns star Brandon Routh.

And she’s here for you !

We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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