Interviewed on Larry King, featured teacher in the hit movie ‘TheSecret’ and one of the most sought after transformational leaders in the world, Dr. John DeMartini will blow your mind as he shares success strategies and how we CAN HAVE IT ALL if we understand and implement just a few key principles (and yes, he DOES share what those principles are too)!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT call about Purpose – Life’s Driving Force.

During this interview, Dr. DeMartini will share:

– What steps a person can take to help themselves stay focused on their path to build wealth using the power of gratitude

– How does a person use gratitude to identify what their spiritual quest is or could be.

– What actions can people take to help them to become clear on what it is they would love to do….if they “don’t know what their calling is”.

And so much more…!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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