During these enlightening and empowering interviews featuring spiritual author, angelic channel and medium Kelly Hampton, listeners will be able to sort fact from fiction regarding what is happening on our planet right now and include many live channelling of Archangel Michael by Kelly

Call #1

Topics discussed included the Pleiadians, what is meant by the spiritual awakening, changes to Mother Earth, cosmic changes, time travel, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy -NEW healing modality rising for the Ascension, DNA restructuring in humans, making a crystal bed to connect to your own angels and so much more! 

This was truly an enlightening and divinely inspired interview.

Call #2  Q and A

This evening Archangel Michael channelled by physic medium Kelly Hampton gave us an update on global events to come and insights as to what we may see energetically over the remaining time period.

He referred to it as a “rock on party of the millennium” because the crystalline grids rooted to ascension will be completed and anchoring planet Earth in the 5th dimension.

Archangel Michael’s final words to us were that the “spark of divinity is within us all“!

Come listen to this interview as so much more is revealed!

Call #3 

Once again, the very gifted medium and angelic channeler, Kelly Hampton, joined us and SHE DIDN’T DISAPPOINT…. she channelled Archangel Michael’s sometimes humorous but always gentle, loving and powerful insights. We covered some amazing ground and the level of energy, shifting and movement was astonishing

It was such a deep, profound and heartfelt interview, authentically delivered with such radiance, reverence and presence.

Call #4 

Today Kelly & Archangel Michael shared & discussed:

 – angelic teaching to increase joy in your life 

 – the importance of regular energetic attunements for your body, your home and office through Star Healing

 – Intergalactic Energy and Ascended Spaces

– the meaning of ‘Divine Intervention’ and its purpose in your lives

– the importance of soul themes in your lives

We sincerely hope you enjoy these conversations!

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