Expect miracles when you start using Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT to blast through your blocks to financial freedom.

Call #1

MARGARET M. LYNCH is an accomplished Success Coach, author and is widely considered a top Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert.

Her unique style of EFT, known simply as “tapping”, focuses on breaking through blocks around business, success and wealth and connecting more fully with your true self and life purpose. Margaret is passionate about helping people free themselves from the chains of old programming and wounds so each of us can step into our fully empowered selves!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview:

What is blocking you from experiencing true miracles?

Know from the moment you wake up that you are worthy of miracles in the eyes of the universe…and say yes to them!

  • So… what do miracles mean at each chakra and how do we “block” or resist them? You will find out and how to use EFT/Tapping to clear away the blocks and connect to the vibration of manifesting and receiving MIRACLES!
  • Why it is VITAL for you to set big, juicy goals that you don’t even believe you can achieve right now (don’t worry, within a few minutes of listening to Margaret, you’ll shift that)…
  • How you got stuck in your “Wealth Set Point” and how to blow past that internal limiting number.
  • Why you should DOUBLE your current income goal…if you have a goal at all…(Did you know that 95%of all people DON’T even have a written income goal?)
  • Put in LESS effort and striving for money and success and experience unexpected miracles supporting you.

Call #2

Do you want to step up into your bigger, on-fire, ROCKSTAR energy, attract and amass the money you want, and having a LOT more juicy, fun, excitement and reward than ever before?”

Margaret Lynch in less than 4 short years created a three quarter of a million dollar business using the exact techniques she teaches on this show.

We want to know how Margaret ignited her power and how you can ignite yours as well! 

Join us and you will discover…

  • The VOW to follow an unwritten RULE that limits and sabotages your power and success (you’ve seen it in action, it’s time break it!
  • Your biggest block to creating the income you have been envisioning…and you’ll blast it
  • How to quickly bring up your energy and charisma to the ROCKSTAR VIBE…and bring that into your mission!

    We sincerely hope you enjoy these conversations!
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