Join Spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer Matt Kahn to directly explore the truth of who you really are — beyond all space, and time.

This show is an opportunity to make direct contact with your true spiritual essence that always exists beyond all barriers – no matter how any moment seems or ever appears.  If you’re ready to live as the perfection of your soul’s highest reality – this is for you.

Beyond All Barriers

In this time together, you will learn how to:

  • Reclaim your power and awaken the grace of true self-worth;
  • Discover the effortless freedom of an open loving heart;
  • Explore the inspiration and insights of your soul’s timeless wisdom;
  • Make peace with the mind and transform it into a powerful tool of co-creation;
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and transform your reality for the well-being of all

​We sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation!

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