Christmas News?

​Do you get Christmas newsletters from family or friends?

I confess a few of these letters are a little “too much.” These are usually the letters that are braggadocios with self aggrandizing references to brilliant children, smartest pets, extravagant purchases, deserving job promotions, and luxurious exotic vacations.

Have you ever been tempted to send responses to these letters by saying, “Merry Christmas from the ordinary old Smith’s, Karries and Molly haven’t won any astounding awards and we don`t anticipate they will unless it’s the title for 10 hr marathon cell phone talking champions, James is playing on a basketball team I think it’s for the Iowa Penal League, our dog Brutus has been banned from the off leash area … I think they called it ‘ungentlemanly behavior’… so what`s the problem with grabbing all those fetch balls from those stuck up pedigree poodles, and I’m still at the bottom of the food chain in the same old government job  and that’s why I think my hemorrhoids are acting up and  we’re upside down on our mortgage since the crash so we probably will never move into a bigger house, and when we vacation we mostly camp in the backyard and chop down one of our trees and use it for firewood to toast our Smores AND last year I wanted a big fat money account and slim body…but somehow the two got mixed up… …this year I want there to be no mistakes… but I digress.

I think in a Christmas newsletter you need to cut out all the meaningless drivel about possessions and accomplishments, bragging sours the letter and taints the intention of sending love and good will… instead write from the heart. It’s usually mushy, but I think the success of a Christmas letter comes from its raw honesty. Think about who you are writing to. Think about the faces of the loved ones who will read your Christmas letter.

What can you say that will bring smiles to those faces?
What will be interesting to those reading your letter?
When will you welcome visits?
Mention things in your letter that you’d want to hear from your closest friends.

Christmas is a time when we remember everyone we ever loved.

Christmas is the perfect time to put these thoughts into words before its too late, and the message of love is left unsaid.

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  1. Karen

    Thank you for this. I needed to hear it. I almost thought about sending letters and highlighting my sons amazing talent to compensate for the some residual guilt over divorce so now he has to divide his time between homes. The very thing that feels best for me is to simply tell the people I love the most how I’m holding them in my heart space and wishing them a peaceful and joyful Christmas. When I see them then I will share additional info when asked but the letter…no self aggrandizing allowed.
    I very much appreciate the heart and soul that you both out into your work here. I’ve been enjoying it for some time now.
    May you have a blessed holiday season!
    Karen from the shore in Connecticut , USA

  2. sherry

    well said Salma. I wish I had the audacity to send it to the people who write me the letters now that resemble the ones you start with. Pompous and cold. I shall write though with a heartfelt note that will hopefully touch their heart and soul
    Merry Christmas to you and Karen

  3. Connie

    I LOVED THIS! I have had a grungy attitude about these letters way back. We have received many. One year someone did not have anything to write about themselves (a huge accomplishment) so they wrote all about their new car they bought (I am like in a Christmas card – really??). Another writes all about all of their medical conditions and appointments in detail and everyone they have visited (and she mails to like 150 people!). Nobody really wants to hear about your vacations really either – at least not in detail! These people were family members too – which we are no longer a part of (no more bragging letters – YAY). Being a Light Server, I am sure I don’t need to explain why we are no longer part of our family. Black Sheep’s in all ways! Salma, your Reflection made my day! Thanks!


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