New Year New Questions

New Years like birthdays are a chance to think about the future and plan for what lies ahead – and normally this consists of creating a list of resolutions/goals and an action plan to meet each one.  But this year I want you to reflect on something a little bit different….as it is after all, sweet 16! When you think of what you want to do in 2016, it is easy to get caught up in the usual set of goals to lose weight, earn/save more money, find that ideal relationship, get that perfect job or start that new business and etc.  However, for me, when I looked back over 2015 I realized my normal goals (even the ones I accomplished) weren’t the events or memories that really stood out. Take some time to go through these questions and reflect on last year (I spent several days mulling over my answers but you can do it in a few moments if that is all you can spare). Questions to Ask Yourself: What day were you the happiest?  Who were you with?  What were you doing? Why was this the happiest moment all year? What was the best meal you had?  Why? What was your favorite purchase (something you paid money for)?  How much was it?  Why is it more significant than everything else? What was the greatest gift you gave all year? What achievement(s) are you most proud of? Looking over the last year, what are the moments that shine the most?  What times are most significant and what made them special? So once you have thought through your responses, gather them into themes. What stands out? What is missing? How did the resolutions or goals you set last New Year’s fit with what really mattered to you? For me the results were really surprising and somewhat shocking at what really stood out, and the memories that seemed significant. Hopefully, just going through the exercise will help you reflect on what matters to you in your life – and then you can use those observations to set goals for 2016– and it’s still not too late to do that)….and if you are lucky they may be more meaningful than the usual ones you set the last couple of years. Please share with us what your key themes were and what surprisingly didn’t make the list and what does it mean as you start charting your further goals for 2016! I was surprised to learn the things that really defined 2015 for me…. My biggest realization…I want to spend more time with the people that really make me happy and bring out the best in my life. How about for you?
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  1. Ophelie

    Interesting way to approach this new year. I like the looking at, when was I the most happy…. ?
    Instead of beating ourselfs up with mental goals… becoming conscious of what is working and creating space for more of that…
    For myself, I am in joy when I share and say what I feel inside without any restrictions… it is so empowering to be in that creative mode!

  2. Judy C

    I just thought about it as I read through the questions and my answer was similar to yours, spend more time with those that lift me up, and pick up that thousand pound telephone and make those calls


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