The Immortal Rann and Mortal ReGenesis 
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ber 8th, 2015 

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The Immortal Rann is a master palmist (specialized in astrological, elemental, and esoteric information systems), high functioning intuitive, meditation coach, and coder. She has expertise in cleansing space and fields, teaching, facilitating private and group sessions, activating brainwaves for expansion into awareness and joy; & programing energy to activate desirable processes and outcomes.

Rann is the creator of several operating systems and modalities. She has organized her
skills and experience into tools that facilitate increased awareness, empowerment, and successin the personal and professional lives of others, giving herself the title: Facilitator of Happiness.

During this interview:

• Understand 5th dimension of healing oneself
• discuss quantum rapport and the ways that bodies communicate
• discuss the linearity of mortality and the non linear nature of immortality
• understand the difference amongst age, aging, and growing old

Through channeling the Immortal Rann, Rann developed the the immortal lifestyle. This new
philosophy introduces – by way of comparing immortality to mortality – ideas of living and the embodiment of joy. After channeling the series Confessions of a True Immortal, she began developing Immortal Face Lifts in order to liberate bodies from mortal limitations.

The Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift is the 3rd of the first triad of Immortal Face Lifts, and
it is best understood as an energetic anti aging regimen for the face and body.  The Mortal ReGenesis is created:

  • based upon your body’s ability to heal itself
  • utilizing quantum rapport of bodies
  • re introducing non linear capacities of the immortal lifestyle to the physical body thus allowing your body to transcend mortal expectations.

Rann will introduce you to some elements of the immortal lifestyle, ways that you have been into limiting your body by choosing mortality, and share a sample of the Mortal ReGenesis energy for your curiosity and your body’s delight. Not only will you receive a brief activation, you will also walk away with some conscious understanding of your body and ways to use it as a tool for stepping into immortality.

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