Dear Karen and Salma,

I listen to a lot of teleseminars and always gravitate toward yours. there is something so natural and easy about the manner in which you conduct the interviews that brings the message home in a lighthearted and yet profound way. I am a big fan!

I really got a lot from this talk with Galexis. thank you so much for bringing them back. it gets better each time!!!!!

Love and blessing to you both,

Sharon F.

“On a personal note… I’ve been watching your emails and the way you’ve conducted this summit, and you’ve really knocked it out of the park. Your website, your writing, the follow up emails. All really wonderful. In a very, very crowded field of teleseminar series, your work has really stood out”

-Morgana Rae

Dear Karen and Salma,

I just wanted to say thank you Karen and Salma. Of all the interviews I have heard (and this is including the Hay House summit from this year), the 2 of you are the most enjoyable and entertaining I have ever heard. I have listened to 2 of your interviews now (Matt Kahn and Lisa Ryan), and I am thrilled to have found you. I value this show highly and I will recommend it to my groups I participate in. I just love the compatibility of the two of you. You both bring the perfect mix together and I am so grateful for the people you are bringing in. What a gift you have created.

Thank you thank you.

Shakti Chionis

Appearing on Karen and Salma’s show has been instrumental in helping my career grow in two powerful ways: First – I have a number of new raving fans from their listener base who invested in the program I offered. Karen and Salma are wonderful hosts who are so much fun to share ideas and time and energy with – and their audience is ready to take action! Second: The programs and shows that I’ve been getting invites to participate on have been increasingly amazing – and I credit my appearance on Karen and Salma’s show for that.” If you’re looking for an authentic forum to powerfully connect with hosts and an interested and responsive audience, Karen and Salma (and their teleseminars) are it!!”

Ken W Stone
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Hi Karen and Selma

You two are a dynamo of fun! I enjoy your telesummit over all the others as you have the perfect personality and fun all in one.

Truly,enjoy you both and all your speakers. Know you make a difference in our wonderful world!

In Gratitude!

Amy K. Surrena,LMT,NCBTMB,Reiki,Healing Touch,Sound Therapy,Nutritional Support 

Dearest Karen and Salma ,

OMG you ladies are amazing and I am so grateful !

I just listened to your very last telecast where you said goodbye and I thought for sure you would be taking a much needed break !

To tell you the truth I was kind of sad too.

Thank you so for all the hard work you did to arrange all this ! I can imagine .

Hours & hours of work . A job well done !

You are so appreciated and loved .

I have really enjoyed listening to as many of the speakers as I could .

Sorry I don’t have the monetary means to say thank you… just my words

Namaste , sending you much love and light , Brenda

“Appearing on Karen and Salma’s telesummit (my first) definitely helped expand the global awareness of my light work with the angels and ascended masters! People as far away as Thailand, Spain, Germany, Norway, and Mexico experienced the healing benefits of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM and were guided in many other aspects of their lives as a result. I found Karen & Salma to be helpful, caring, authentic and most accommodating in their approach and went the extra mile teaching me the technological aspects of putting together a package. I will be forever grateful.”

– Kelly A. Hampton
Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Channel, Medium

Thank you for your speedy reply! Again, huge thanks or your webinars. As an international teacher having worked in Egypt, Qatar and China, these shows keep me connected to all of the new spiritual insights and are a lifesaver to me as it is not easy to meet like-minded souls. You have no idea how excited I am that this concept of webinars are perfect for us who want to continue to learn and live in other time zones!!

Big hugs,

Thank you for this information. I know now more about the feelings which have been strong over these many years. The 8th chakra; KOOL

Many blessings to you. Your work is so dearly appreciated 

Thank you Michael M.

I love, love, love your program. I have been so blessed by listening to the talks.

Blessings to you both…

Jerome I.

“Karen and Salma are like fairy godmothers to me. They saw a potential in me that I had yet to truly access. After working with them my business has taken off. I have attracted clients that are joy to work with. They helped to clarify my message and named my strengths. Working with Karen and Salma had been a wonderful blessing in my life. And I know that is true for thousands of others.”

Hillory Skott
“Holistic Astrologer”

Hi ladies,

Thanks for all that you do, bright light and brilliant ladies that you are.

Dennica B.:)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for all that you both do to help us expand our horizons! Peace, Rebecca T.

Karen and Salma,

Since I am on the list for many of the most prevalent tele-seminar programs, I’ve listened to many of the regulars that rotate around the circuit. I’d like to say that I appreciate the quality of your hosting as a team, and enjoy your interactions with the speakers.

Please keep up the good work.

William A.

just wanted to say that you are one of my favourite, if not my favourite, teleseminar hosts and I must have tried 20 or more in the last few years. I am English, living in Madeira Portugal, so I tend to listen to the replays. I really appreciate you leaving them up for 7 days, I do not know anyone else who does that. Also, your price to buy is so reasonable that I have bought the last two seasons audios from you. The only problem then is the tendency not to get around to listening to them as they can be heard anytime! (My problem, not yours!).

So I just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing, you have introduced me to a number of new people and you do not try to dominate the shows as I feel some hosts do.

Much love, light and Blessings,

Jackie R.

Hello Karen & Salma,

Just listened to your interview with Rudy Hunter today. I’m a big RH fan anyway, but I particularly enjoyed what you conjure up in an interview. I like that, like Rudy, you do woo-woo in a very non-fussy way. There’s something, too, about the Canadian sensibility that brings out different things – and I especially enjoy the brand of humor. Very fun. Thanks for what you do.


Sunday Oliver

** until 3/11/12….

Dear Karen and Salma,

I just want to say Wow! I’ve been saying that a lot lately but I wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing this Beautiful writing on the Ascension. It is absolutely Light and Love Breath filling and resonates so true with me and I know also with our one collective consciousness. Thank You, Thank you this have Helped me so much! Bless you for sharing!!

The writing fits my acronym for Peace Pure Evolution Always Comes Eternally = PEACE

You two are giving good things!
​Blessings for much Love and Peace,
​Lisa Ty

Hello Dear Karen….i was just over flowing with love…still am….all i wrote is true….and you guys are just refreshing… still putting together my notes for Archangel Michael and Kelly….he asked that we keep notes of how life went…for me the fibro pain has significantly diminished… from bedridden to being able to do my chores and errands w/o any help…still will need two more sessions to get back to pre 2006 when i got gobsmacked with this thing…but the very best and exciting part for me anyways is my psychic abilities have just exploded….i “know” when something is going to happen…(i keep a notebook.. jot down the message) and presto it happens almost immediately…. i also “see” things.. example..i had just come home with my Ted and i “saw” something under my front door mat…but when i went to look nothing there….later that afternoon.. i fed the birds and walked past the mat and sure enough there were two packages tucked right under mat just like i saw!!!!!!.. there is alot more..BUT for me it means ive lost my fear… and that my dear sweet Ladies is Enormous for me…living without fear.. my brain just automatically adjusts any fear based thoughts and i am so filled with excitement for my future….and that was just one hour with Michael…can u imagine two more sessions??!!!! My homework was to practice saying “I offer Love and Kindness to first me and then you name every one, animal place thing etc….its awesome….really i could go on…but yes i have transformed….so now i want to clear the abundance illusions with Emmanuel and as they say the world will be my oyster!!!!!! And its all cuz of u guys…. in reverent appreciation,Asuncion


Hi Beautiful Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you guys….you have the BEST Telesummits….and you make such a difference and in my life especially………..part of why you guys are awesome is your humanity..and your humbleness …i have listened to dozens of other telesummits thru out my searching and no one can touch you guys…..between Kelly on Tuesday and now Emmanuel i am revived…..not that your other guests werent good…but ive really resonated with both of them….i hope you can bring Emmanuel back……i want his package and seven days is just three days off my payday…..but i know all is well and i was eventually able to buy Kelly”s which was so awesome…the healing i got WAS awesome and im going to become a practioner eventually…so i think i was lead to Emmanuel so i can open up my abundance and do all my learning…………….btw i grew up in Puerto Rico and i LOVE that a light is listening(its midnight there when she calls) from there cuz thats where im going to do my light work at…the Island NEEDS light workers……anyway you guys know i can blabber….so blessings , lots of sucess in all ways and i love you!!!!!!!!!Asuncion

I love your duo presentation of ‘unbounded potential’ – presently Year of the dragon so much!!!!

You and Salma (falma) … I’m confused – are a great team. You compliment each other so well.

I like your free sprit ability of presentation. You are a well awake and have a calm relaxed composure which I adore! Your counterpart with her ‘lubberly and lively personality is really addictive and she too is a fantastic communicator of the awakening message, which is an imminent as the shift in consciousness escalates.

As this cycle closes it is connectors like you two who will unify humanity with ‘Who they are’ – ‘Where they are’ – and ‘Where they are going’ !!

Love your shows so much as they have benefited my awakening process massively, and I will continually treasure your tele-seminar shows in my metaphysical archives, which is massive!!

Lots of Love and respect –

SteveG xx

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