What Will The Year 2016 Have In Store For You?

We are almost midway through the first month of a new year. Are you still wondering what 2016 will bring? To some, a new year is just the switching of calendars, but for others, passing into a new year is like passing through a veil into a new realm full of hope and new opportunities. How do you think 2016 is going to shape up for you? Are you hoping for a breakthrough in your career or love life, or perhaps a restful year opposed to a frenzied one? get ready

 Starting January 19th

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Numerologists tell us that 9 is the universal number for 2016, but what does that mean for us? “Nine is a finishing number, and represents the end of a cycle. It is also the number of the humanitarian. That means 2016 is a year of completion, rest and forgiveness.” As one cycle ends, so a new one begins. While this suggests we will see facets of our lives coming to their inevitable ends, so too does this mean that 2016 will be a time of new beginnings. This is the final year of your nine-year cycle, and it focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you – whether it’s a job, a friendship, a relationship, a residence, a mindset, or behaviour you may have outgrown. Either way, this is a time to declutter your life so you can move towards better things. Despite this being a year of endings, it’s also a year of rebirth and compensation, when everything you’ve been striving for can finally come to fruition. In other words, this is your pay-off year – so start feeling deserving and worthy. Expect the best and you’ll get the best, especially this year. The world will usher in the Year of the Fire Monkey on February 8, 2016. Under the monkey sign, innovations, exhilarating activities and surprising turns on fortunes, love and business are expected this year,

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